Neon Bison

Vibe with your Tribe Bracelet

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Your vibe will be how you attract your tribe. What type of people are you letting into your life? Those who you lift up and who support you in return? Ditch the energy vampires and attract the right people. 
VIBE with your TRIBE

PROCESS:  All the bracelets at NeonBison are crafted from a high quality aluminum alloy. Silver in color. Safe for most sensitive skin. Won't tarnish or wear off. Each bracelet is made by hand, from metal cutting to individual letter stamping. Due to this please allow for a bit of variance in each piece (letter alignment, spacing, etc).
SIZE:  3/8th inch wide by 6 inches in length.
WEAR: Bracelets are semi adjustable. It can be bent in or pulled out slightly. Once it's the perfect size, you shouldn't ever have to bend it to take the bracelet on or off. They are meant to slide on like a cuff, but flow loose down your arm like a bangle once they are on, making them perfect to mix with a stack!

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